Sunday, June 28, 2009

Who's Watching the Kids????

This was too funny! John and Bobby were upstairs playing boxing on the game cube in the boy's bedroom and Gabe was with them(or so he started out playing with them)...Kristen and I were downstairs working on some stuff for the nursery stuff for church and Zayden was with us (that's what Bobby thought...and Kristen thought he was up with Bobby)....then all the sudden I hear John yell down the stairs...Gabe flooded the bathroom! I went running up..thinking he shoved something in the toilet...Kristen sends Bobby up with a plunger...I get there and start laughing...and yell Bring the camera....The picture above is what I found in my bathroom....seems Gabe decided Zayden needed a bath and Zayden agreed...It was so funny...i wish i had video of it so you could really get a good idea of it....Zayden had his shoes and socks on as well as all his clothes except his shorts were so wet they were down around his ankles...the water thankfully was cold water...but Gabe is getting so smart he knew you had to push the plug down if you want to take a water had filled up and ran out all over the floor (notice the towel soaking wet in the middle of the floor) and can you see Gabe's sweat pants..soaking wet! It took four towel to mop up the water...then we cleaned them all up and were sitting downstairs laughing when we started hearing this weird dripping sound and we were like "what's that?" When we noticed the ceiling fan in the living room(which is right under my bathroom floor) was leaking water all of the middle of the living room.....Makes me wonder how long they were SPLISHING AND SPLASHING....Before anyone noticed NO ONE was watching them......

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Thats the Way We Roll...
Because We have Been Set Free!"
(Newsboys Lyric)