Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Memorial Day ~ More fun in the Sun!

We had lots of fun swimming at Bobby and Kristen's house and then followed up with a barbque at our house! LOVING SUMMER!!!

Last Game of the Season

 As you can see it was so HOT out!!! But what a trooper he did a great job!

 They called his name to get his trophy and he went right up all by himself to get it! 
What an awesome development of independence! YAY
 He really loves baseball and his trophy!!!

 You did an awesome job Gabe!
So proud of you!

Buddy Baseball LIVE!

Above is Gabriel running bases during his last game ;)
Here is how Gabriel covers 3rd base! lol
He is suppose to be covering 3rd base but as you can see when it is turn to play outfield he would rather play catch with us all over the fence!!
Why BLEND when you were born to STAND OUT!!! 

Buddy Baseball

 Gabriel is really enjoying Buddy Baseball this season and seems to be understanding what is expected of him in order to play more each game they play! Love watching him play and he gets so excited to show us what he can do!

 Each game he always has the biggest cheer section! God is good!

Love this picture of Destinee and Nathaniel! 
(He is not really taller then her, he is just sitting on the couch end)
Blessed God has given each of the kids such a great love and awesome friendship with each other!

Gabriel and Nathaniel building a sand castle

Fun at James River

 We got to enjoy a fun family day out at James River. The boys swam and played football. While Gabe enjoyed the sand and Destinee got our tan started! It was such a fun day! Looking forward to many more fun days like this this summer!