Sunday, November 30, 2008

Seem Grandma is all tied up at the moment!

The kids have decided that they are not ready to send grandma back to California yet..... So they have taken measures to assure she will miss her plane tomorrow morning!
They mean business!

Come get her Alf! We have a chair ready for you too!!!!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Mom surprises the kids :)

Mom arrives in Virginia for the BIG Surprise!

We managed to keep it a HUGE secret that mom was flying in this be here for Destinee's 13th birthday and also Thanksgiving. I picked her up from the airport Weds. night..snuck her in the back door and locked her upstairs in my bedroom until the kids left for school. Well..she came out and saw Spencer and Nathaniel before they left for school...they had huge tears in their eyes and they kept saying I can't believe she is here...then we put a big purple bow on mom and had her sitting in Destinee's room on her bed and when Dest and Junior came home from school they opened Destinee's door and threw their backpacks down and pounced on her...of course they all hugged and cried! Then Gabriel got off his school bus and mom was waiting int he living room for him..and he walked in stopped in his tracks and just looked at her with a big grin for a few minutes then ran and hugged her and Said "No you're goofy!" (that is their secret game) then he just sat on her lap and next to her for the next 30 minutes just looking up at her with this grin on his face...probably trying to figure out how and why she was in his house! It was really everyone is super excited that she is here and can't wait to take her on the Ferry and to Waller Mill park and the Yankee candle store....She will be here until Dec. 1st and then it will be hard to say good bye again!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Gabe at school

Here is another picture Ms. Carol emailed me tonight! I think this is a great photo because it shows really the progress he is making! To think that in California school system they were having to hold him down with force until he would bit he is sitting all by himself next to another classmate and reading a paper tearing the pages, but intensely looking at it! When we felt God leading us to of the biggest concerns we had was for Gabriel and what would the big change do to him...Then when we got our marching orders to come and it all went so quick..people would say to us that they felt it wasn't good for Gabriel...some even went as far as saying we were selfish and hurting him! But you know we have been here now 7 months...and I will tell you with not an ounce of doubt in my mind...that when God sends you somewhere....he goes ahead of you..maps it out...lights the candles along the way making it very clear the direction you need to go...He knew exactly where Gabriel needed to be and he has blown me away at the doors He has opened for our community( did I ever tell you that at the parks here...they all have these special needs swings? I will have to take pictures of them the next time we go) and even with the doctors and specialist here! I Praise My King because He has a plan for my amazing son...and sometimes it takes a knock on the head to remember that he is just perfect and precious the way he is!! I still will blame vaccines for the world of autism that he is stuck in but...I will never ever doubt that God choice him for this role for a specific purpose! Gabe's strength is infectious and diligent and only comes from His Father above! No doubt in my mind that is how he lives each day with a huge smile on his face and a song that flows through his mouth!

Gabriel's Bobbing for apples at school

Here is Gabriel so excited about getting an apple out of the water! The women behind him in the orange scarf is his teacher Ms. Carol...she is so much fun! The bobbed for apples and made caramel apples and cut faces on their pumpkins.

Ms. Carol said that Gabriel "LOVED" bobbing for the apples... I am sure he did...he loves water!!! He probably thought "Man and she wants me to stick my head in there...YEA!!! My kinda Teacher!"

He looks here like he may not be too sure of the bobbing for apples thing! hahahha I hope you guys enjoy these pictures as much as I did...thanks to Ms. Carol for sending them to me!!! I can't wait till she sends me the video!!!! Oh...did I ever mention that I absolutely LOVE his teacher????

Monday, November 3, 2008

"Fall" in love with Williamsburg Virginia

How do you know your getting old?

You know you are getting old...When your daughter is taller then you are now!!!!

Here we are trying to keep Gabriel out of the next shot...hahahaha

He makes it in this picture :)

Junior goes to his 1st Junior High Dance

It's so funny how different boys are compared to girls...When Destinee went to her dance she came home and talked about what everyone was wearing, what dances and music was played, she talked about the food served...Well when Junior got home - I asked him "How was the dance...What did you do" and he said "It was way cool...we played tug of war in the field!" Hahahaha cracked me up!