Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Guess who is 11!

Happy Birthday Salsy!
We love you and are very proud of you!
Hope you enjoyed your special day of celebration and your mac n cheese and chicken strip dinner (his choice for his birthday dinner) and your mocha ice cream pie!
May God bless you with lots of joy this year!

Love this smile!

These Lazy Cats!

The other morning Destinee was complaining about her wild cat and there running through her room and playing all i thought i would take a couple pictures that would capture what they do all day while she is at school...this might explain the wild party life they lead at night while she is trying to sleep!!! lol
Gotta love these cats!

Samoa Inspired Cupcakes! Tiff and I have this favorite girl scout cookie (Samoas) and i really wanted to make a cupcake that would mirror the flavor of the cookie...
So i made a brown sugar cupcake and crumbles the actual cookie into the mixture baked them and then topped them with a caramel coconut ganache and toasted coconut flakes and drizzled with chocolate ganache! They were so good and totally reminded me of that girl scout cookie!!!

Destinee's Photography

Here are some picture's that Destinee has taken lately for her photography class and i just thought they were beautiful...enjoy!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Jamestown Settlement

Yesterday Jeanne, Joanna and I had a fun time touring Jamestown Settlement. Our tour guide was so funny..he was so expressive and animated (made for a fun tour and i will probably remember many facts because of the way he expressed them). It is really neat to be in such an historic place! History comes alive! Enjoyed my day with the girls and our Tai lunch.