Thursday, September 22, 2011

Birthday Surprise

Today being Junior's 14th birthday and Spencer turning 13 last week, we decided to redo their bedroom and give it a cool teen boy look ;)
So this morning after they left for school we took everything out of their room and painted the walls a very light grey and put in new bunk beds and dressers and a few decorative things!
I think they have the total cool "guy's grunge garage" bedroom!
I love when they have their disco ball light on and they are in their playing music.
So much fun!!
Happy Birthday guys! We love you lots!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Norge Elementary 5th Grade Orchestra

Nathaniel is so very excited to be apart of the Orchestra this year at his school.
He has chosen to play the Violin and as you can see he is over joyed!
We are looking forward to seeing and hearing him grow musically.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I'm a BaSeBaLL pLaYer!!!!

Today Gabriel began Buddy Baseball!! He was a bit nervous at the beginning but seem to enjoy it. I think he was especially excited about his cheering squad! We were so thankful to Aunt Tiffany, Uncle Bobby and family and Ms. Kim and Sabrina who all came out and spurred him on!!
Hey was excited to hit the ball and off to first base...
This is Gabe and his "buddy" Julia
(she is a William & Mary College student volunteer) she was so super sweet!
He was so focused on all of us clapping and cheering him on... he was a bit distracted to get to the next
Here is Gabe playing second base
His buddy is a great helper!

he is sooo cute!
Here is cheering with us from first base!
so excited!!!
he actually has a great arm and can really throw the ball.

We are all really proud of our little Cardinal!
High 5 for baseball!!

Girlz Nite Out for Autism Awareness!

We held our first annual Girls Night out for Autism Awareness this past Thursday night.
It was lots of fun...I was blown away by the support of our community. We had many awesome vendors set up display table to sell lots of great things for us girls who love to get out and shop. We were blessed with wonderful support from business in our neighborhood who donated dinners, make up baskets, free pedicures, and edible arrangement gift certificates to raffle off or donated to our team website. We were able to meet lots of wonderful women. A huge benefit was we were able to raise $250. for Autism Speaks. Not bad for our very first time!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

It is HERE~

Thank you Jesus!
We rent from the most awesome owners ever!
Our stove exploded 2 weeks ago and with having the hurricane and no power for a week and all that we were having to rely on the crock pot and bar -b - que grill and rice cooker...
SO...tonight! Baked chicken and scalloped potatoes :)

Boys! OH...BOYS!!!

Sent him to take the trash out and he came back in with this new pet!!!!
What happen to the days of wanting gold fish???

We are off to a Great School Year!

The new school year began on Tuesday and the kids were all really excited!
I wish it could be SUMMER all year long but am really excited that God has answered our prayers for great teachers and bus drivers.
Looking forward to watching them all grow this year.
WOW...2 in High School...2 in Jr. High and Nathaniel in his last year of elementary school!
Lord Jesus, help me redeem the time we have left with them! Thank you for these treasures you have given to us!
Sophomore year!
Keep your eyes focused on Him who created you and the calling He has given you!
I am blessed by the young women in Christ you are becoming! May you always be a bright shining light for Jesus!
Looking handsome and confident for his first day of High School!

Mr. Cool and Go with the Flow!! Love how calm and at peace Spencer is all the time.
Enjoy your last year in Jr. High!!!
Look who is going to Jr. High!!!
Go Get 'Em Gabe!
God has gone before you and prepared the way!

Nathaniel's teacher told him at orientation "This is your year...You are the Big Dog! Enjoy it"
May this be a great year for you year Jr. High!!! :)
Caleb wanted to get dressed and comb his hair for school too...
He seemed to be fine when I told him he had to be 5 to go to school.
He seem to really miss all the kids (his brothers and he refers to
but only for a short he SOON realized he had the whole house and all the toys to himself! lol

Rev It Up!

I just had to share this picture.
This is the cake I made for the end of VBS celebration.
Ms. Phyllis had given me jello race car molds and so it was the inspiration to create this!
I think it is really adorable and the most important thing...

Summertime FuN!!

I love when we get to lay all the busyness of our lives aside and just rest and enjoy the sun!!!
Here are a few pictures of the fun day we had at water day at church. Enjoy!

The snow cone machine has been one of the best purchases the Children's ministry has purchased in a long