Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

 From our Family to Yours..... Happy New Year!!!!
Praying a healthy and happy 2013 for you all!

Gabriel the "Performer"

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy New Year's!!!

 Mom and I use to always say how awesome it would be to have a tree up all year and decorate it for all the different holidays and seasons! So... When i took down all my Christmas decorations the day after real tree (which i haven't boughten a real one in 15 years) was still so GREEN and FRESH and PRETTY! So I decided that when mom looked down from heaven to check on us, she would SMILE and LAUGH when she saw this NEW YEARS TREE!!! 
It is kinda fun and it makes me smile when i look at it! The kids think it is fun, especially Gabriel who keeps taking all the blowers and horns off and blowing them! 
Seems like we needed something to remind us God is still in Charge and He has walked with us through out every event of 2012 and He has so many hopes and promises for us in 2013. 

Christmas 2012

 Christmas Eve with still half the household fighting sickness! We decided to play it simple and not spend the day cooking :) We had lots of fun making our own pizza breads for dinner instead. the kids really enjoyed it but maybe John enjoyed it the most??? lol

 Christmas Morning was lots of fun this year for Gabe..he loved everything about Christmas this year, the tree, the lights, the presents, the cookies! He really seemed to understand it better this year! Christmas was bitter sweet this year! With us all being sick and this being our first Christmas with out mom, we really missed her and it just seemed so weird that she wasn't here. We thought about how much she loved Christmas! We decided to honor her this year and will continue the new traditions in the years coming, such as baking breads, putting bows on our tree! It will never be the same without but it will atleast keep her in the midst of it! 

 New Bike for Nathaniel

 PlayStation 3 for Junior and Spencer

 Laptop for Dest...which i was sadly reminded that she will sure need this next year when she leaves for College :( Way to spoil a moment!!! lol

 A bike for Gabe... maybe this will be the year his brothers wont use his for spare parts and he will actually learn how to ride it! Good sign, he was able to get on it all by himself this time :)
 Love my family more then they will ever know! 
First family photo that Gabriel actually sat down and was happy to participate... look at the smile, the eye contact! He was saying Cheese!!! Love it!
 These kids of mine are the most awesome kids ever! 

 How God has BLESSED me so much!!

 I love how Gabe has his hands around Nathaniel's waist! Brotherly Love!
 After almost 18 years... I think we are finally understanding how Blessed we are that we have stuck it all out and how much love we have for each other! 

 Me and the "princess" striking a pose with our new scarf and head wrap!