Thursday, April 26, 2012

Poetry Reading...

 Today at Gabriel's school his class had a Poetry Reading! 
It was very cute. The picture above is Gabriel and his teacher Ms. Simone holding the picture for his friend, who was reciting his poem. Then the pictures below are of Gabriel reciting his poem and his friend who is signing everything that Gabriel is saying. Gabriel's poem was about a butterfly (which you will tell my his friends sign at the end) and because he can not write he did his poem all in pictures and then told what he say on the pictures. It was all very cute! 
They set up stools in the front and chairs for all the audience of classmates! Then afterwards they celebrated a job "WELL DONE" with popcorn, apples and chips! 
They loved it and they all did such a great job!

How pretty is SPRING!

 These amazing peachy orange roses bloomed in front of my front porch.
 Now they make a lovely center piece for my dining room table.
 Driving down Colonial Parkway this morning to Gabe's school I was reminded of how awesome God's Creation is and how beautiful it is! Just weeks ago these trees were bare and brown and now they are full and green and they are starting to meet in the middle and make these natural bridges over the streets. 
I love Spring time..THANK YOU GOD for your handiwork is amazing!!!

CCK has gone CRAZY in NYC!

 We are having lots of fun in Calvary Colonial Kid's Ministry on Weds. night going through our new study. The study takes place in NYC where the kids are learning to Connect their own lives to their Faith, to Love, and to Trusting and Believing God!
 As you can see last night was crazy glasses night!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter 2012

~ John and I ~
~ Loves of my life! ~

We can't help but me silly! I love how even Gabe has a smile in this picture!
Yep...never a dull moment at the Barrera home!
hahahaha..can't seem to get everyone in the picture!
Nathaniel! Love you!
Some of the most beautiful women of faith I know!
Me, Ms. Phyllis, Katrina, Ms. Jeanne, Kim and Kristen
~ My Girlz ~
We are getting ready to hide 57 dozen eggs for the kids at church :)
Jenice, Kristen, me and Destinee!


Got to have lunch with my best friend from high school Becky while i was in California!
She cracks me up ~ we had lots of fun!


I was so glad that I was able to spend some time with John's brother Phil and his family!
We are thankful to God for hearing the many prayers that went out for Phil and for God's healing!
~ Phil, Veronica, Pearl and Lil' Phil ~
I just love them!
My niece Pearl and my nephew Phil
Isn't he adorable?
So Sweet!

Fun in Cali with my Family!!!

Me and Mom... LOVE HER! This is a beautiful picture of her!
Yea...This is how Alf and I roll! lol
My favorite picture!!!!
Me and Alf ~ cute picture
Me and Oma ~ Love her!
My brother Deuce and nephew Damien!
Love this picture of me and Damien!
My sister Tiff ~ Beautiful!
Hahaha..posing for Damien
Me & Deuce
~ Brother & Sisters ~
What up Alf?
Love this picture of Deuce!
How precious!