Saturday, July 28, 2012

CalvaryCW Beach Baptisms

 Nathaniel :)
Last Sunday we were blessed to attend summer baptisms. It was an awesome day rejoicing with the men and women, young kids and married couples who gave their lives to Jesus!!!
God is at work in Williamsburg!
 The Word going out!
 Man it was ugly weather all morning even storm warnings but by the afternoon when we arrived at the river it was super hot!!!! 
 Spencer and some of the youth kids
 Destinee praying with the young girl who was baptized! 
This makes me cry every time i look at it! 
 CCW Crew!

Love My CCK Kids!!!

Celebrating Bobby's 33rd Bday!

 Destine and I had lots of fun making this birthday cake for Bobby! It was so super sweet but a big hit :) It was a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting surrounded by kits cakes and topped with reese's pieces.... it was so much fun to bake with Destinee!

 Happy Birthday Bobby! We had lots of fun celebrating your birthday!