Friday, February 15, 2013

They are growing up!

 The kids got to dress up for youth group tonight and i was so proud of them! 
I can't believe how grown up they are. We are so blessed to have really great kids.

John jr. photo shoot!

 Trying to get a serious picture out of Junior is always funny! 
Love this guy! 

Valentine Cupcakes

 155 cupcakes went out this Valentine Day! 

Destinee's New Car

 What exciting new season in Destinee's life! 
Destinee is very excited about having her first car! 
 No this would not be Destinee washing her new car..but her brothers washing it for her! Yea, total Princess in our house!!!
Today Destinee's personal license plates came in the mail.
We all cried as we put them on. It brought back such happy memories of when Papa and Grandma gave Destinee her first bike for Christmas and they had her helmet airbrushed with the name they called her "DestiDo" and mom had painted these beautiful flowers all around it. So in a special kinda way mom will always be driving with Dest and when we see the plates we will be reminded of that happy moment! 

"The Gabriel Show!"

Gabriel's 13th Birthday!

 WOW! How time flies... Gabriel turned 13 last week and it brought me to tears to think of all that he has endured in these 13 year but made me smile to think how he has handled it all with such joy and to think how awesome God has been to protect him and to give him healing to do what we thought he would never be able to do! 
John and I had a great time bringing cupcakes and juice to his class to celebrate his special day! 

Happy Birthday Gabe, we love you more then you can imagine!