Friday, August 10, 2012


Ok! So this is the way we John, Gabriel and myself showed up to Junior's football game!
Anything MiSsInG????
YES!!! I got to the field and went to get out and I FORGOT MY SHOES!!!! 
How, you ask??? 
Other then saying "This is just how I roll!" hahaha!
I truly believe this happened because Junior told me he thought his game was at 4:30 and so I dropped him off at school for practice at 2:30 and he texted me and told me his game was at 4:00...but I didn't get the text until like 2 minutes before 4:00 so I hurried up, grabbed my purse, camera and Gabe's socks and shoes and we ran out the door... I put Gabe's shoes on in the car so we wouldn't be so late! I DIDN'T WANT TO MISS ANY PART OF THE GAME!!! 
So i got to the game and realized I had NO SHOES!!!
Yes, probably most people would turn around and go home and get there shoes..BUT... this MOMMA was not gonna miss her babies 1st game!!!! 
Hahahahaha..such memories!!!!

My Football Star!

 We are so proud of Junior for making his High School JV Football Team :) 
He has been working hard all summer with practices Mon thru Sat. 8:30am to 12pm!!
Today we were so excited to be able to go watch his first scrimmage game! 
He did an awesome job!!! 
Go Warhill LIONS!!!!