Saturday, November 27, 2010

Who says "Generic" is so BAD???

The other day I was shopping in Walmart and they were out of the Johnson's Baby Bath and so I picked up a Walmart Great Value bottle of Bubble Bath/Body Wash and today I was giving Gabe a bath in my big bathtub in my room so I could get ready for Caleb's party...and so I poured in the soap, ran the water and came back in to a heaping pile of bubbles!!
I suppose that is getting your money's worth!!!
Maybe I was a little more excited about all the bubbles then he
Actually he really loves them but he is coming down with all that sinus junk I think, so he is really quiet today!

Having FuN at Inflation Nation for Caleb's Birthday

Destinee's Surprise Party

Friday night we threw a surprise party for Destinee's birthday...I think we really SURPRISED her!
It was a good turn out (20 of her of friends showed up) and we all had lots of fun! The kids split up into two teams and we sent them on a scavenger hunt to different stores out on the main highway...each team had to sing Jingle Bells at a store, take a picture with a gas station clerk, get a ketchup packet from Wendy's, go to Handell's Ice Cream parlor and get a rock from under the bench, then go to McDonald's take a picture on the playground, then go into Farm Fresh grocery store and find a food on a specific isle and the first team back home with pictures from each task won...they had lots of fun :)
They hung out, had cupcakes and presents..WHAT MORE can a GIRL ASK FOR???

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving and Lots of Love from the Barrera's

Happy 15th Birthday Destinee

We not only celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday but it was Destinee's Birthday too!!
HaPpY bIrThDaY!
We are so thankful for the beautiful young lady you have become outside for sure but and amazing girl and beauty inside!
LoVe YoU lOtS!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had such a nice and relaxing Thanksgiving. SOO MUCH FOOD! Good friends and family and great fellowship.
Gabriel waited all day for his stuffing...the only thing he ate! He was so happy :)
Matt B. and little Ben Ackerman chillin'
Caroline and Selah adorable
What can I say about this??? All I can is what it
Zayden was really good all day!!! haahaaha! Poor thing slept most of the day has he snuck in the fridge before he got here and ate stuff he wasn't suppose Kristen loaded him up on Benedryl.
Dinner Time!
They are funny!
Zion hanging out with Jeremy and Kate Ackerman
Boys getting their game on before dinner
Love them all..they all get along so well.
Destinee and her peeps!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Beauty of God's Creation

This is our 3rd fall season here in Virginia and I just love all the color changes Fall brings. These are trees from our yard.
How Great is our God?

Friday, November 12, 2010

A Conversation with Gabriel

Tonight we went to pick up Destinee and Spencer's friends and then drop them off at youth group. Gabriel turns to Spencer's friend and says...
"Shake my hand..My name is Gabriel...You can call me Gabriel."

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A day off with my Husband

Today I enjoyed a great day with John. It has been a really long time since we have had an entire day to ourselves. MUCH NEEDED!! We hung out, had lunch together, had great conversations. It was lots of fun and looking forward to the next day we get to just hang out!
OK, so it so hard to get a good picture because one of us is always messing around...
very rare we are both serious at the same time!

Thank you God for blessing us with this day today!