Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Spencer gets a haircut :)

What would make you think he needed a haircut????

Could it be the amount of hair piled on the floor after his haircut??
Or maybe it was the ponytails Junior was able to
put in Spencer's hair the other day???? Whatever it may have been...
He looks HANDSOME with his summer haircut!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day

We love you...Hope you had a great Father's Day!

Toy Story 3

We had lots of fun for Father's Day...we went to church and then had lunch at Taco Bell and then went and saw Toy Story 3...it is a really cute movie!!!

Nathaniel rockin his 3D glasses
Nathaniel and Destinee
The Bilderback's

Here we all are getting ready for the movie to start

Here we are after the movie all excited! Was a great movie we all agreed!!!
Jeanne and the boys and Bobby and family all came to see it too!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gabriel's Family Field Day

The aides waving all the kids good bye as the buses pull away...and as the buses pulled around the bus loop they honked the whole way...it is a big adjustment for all the kids...2 weeks of summer vacation..so it is cool to see all the ways they encourage the kids!
Ms. Carol and Gabriel

Ms. Gretchen and Gabriel (sorry he moves too fast)

Umm Umm Umm I LOOVE watermelon!!!

Here we are playing sidewalk chalk

water FUN!!

Spencer and Gabe...

Blowing bubbles

These next pictures maybe hard to tell what they are..but it is one of Gabe's favorite activities....PARACHUTE...they pull it down and up and they love it..then Ms.Chrissy throws a big beach ball in it and they love to watch it bounce around as they pull it up and down!

The blue blur...that would be the beach ball..lol

Nathaniel...Nathaniel Barrera...lol
Such a sweet little face :)

Gabe's class

Limbo...How low can you go!

Ms. Carol and Gabe at Music Time

Hookie Pokey

Walking to the field

Gabriel ready and excited for the bus to come for school

Family Fun Day
Thursday was Gabriel's last day of school. To celebrate they had a fun field day and invited the families to come out and join :) Spencer and Nathaniel played hookie (Dest and Junior had finals so they couldn't) and we headed out to hang with Gabriel and his class. He was really excited to have his brothers at his school!! I always enjoy being able to go to his school and see how much he has grown...Spencer asked me " Mom, how come there are only a few parents here? Where is all the rest?" I always do feel bad for those whose parents don't come.
We had lots of fun as we started out with 3 laps around the field and then Ms. Chrissy ( Adaptive P.E. teacher) lead us all through the chicken dance (which is so funny cause Gabe knows all the words and moves and so he is here helper to call out the next step..lol..i thought he was just that way during worship at church...lol) then we did the hookie pokie ( Gabe and Ms. Carol get down for this song..lol) and then we did the limbo...Gabriel loves to play limbo...i think he just loves to sing HOW LOW CAN YOU GO HOW LOW CAN YOU GO!!!

Then we headed outside to play bubbles, sidewalk chalk and water games...MAN WAS IT A HOT DAY!!!!! After all the playing we went back in and they enjoyed watermelon and Popsicles..Gabriel did not want Popsicles but he loved the huge piece of watermelon!!
It was a great day!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Band Award Ceremony

Spencer received his band trophy and certificate. He also received an award for being most improved :) The 6th grade band won first place in a competition last month against 27 other middle schools.. Spence you RoCk!

Mr. Hodges and Spencer
Junior and Mr. Hodges (band teacher)
Hardcore Rockers!!!! lol

Junior also received a trophy and certificate. His 7th grade band also won 1st place in the band competition! Great JOB!!!
This was the end to Junior playing the clarinet in the school band...he is moving on to bigger stages...He is now focusing on playing bass guitar in the youth worship team at church..at the moment the youth worship team leads worship for the main sanctuary on Weds. and Sundays!
Oh and the RoCk it out for Jesus each week!!!

Destinee's 8th grade graduation

Destinee had her 8th grade graduation ceremony this week. We are so proud of her, she graduates with "A" honors and many community hours served through the Junior Honor Society. Can't even imagine that she will be going to High School in September!!!
We love you Dest...This is your time to SHINE and have FUN!!!

(This is only half the students and parents! They had over 200 8th graders who were graduating...Thank God they are opening new schools this upcoming year!)

Fresh from my yard :)

I am so excited..I have 3 huge Hydrangea bushes and they have finally bloomed! I have been waiting to see what color they would be, as the soil you have depends on the color they become... God is so AMAZING! On each bush they are purple, pink and blue...all on the same bush!