Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Raising Awareness

Autism Speaks. It's time to listen.
Did you know…
• 1 in 150 children is diagnosed with autism
• 1 in 94 boys is on the autism spectrum
• 67 children are diagnosed per day
• A new case is diagnosed almost every 20 minutes
• More children will be diagnosed with autism this year than with AIDS, diabetes & cancer
• Autism is the fastest-growing serious developmental disability in the U.S.
• Autism costs the nation over $35 billion per year, a figure expected to significantly
increase in the next decade
• Autism receives less than 5% of the research funding of many less prevalent childhood
• Boys are four times more likely than girls to have autism
• There is no medical detection or cure for autism

Monday, May 25, 2009


John and I laughed so hard...then we had to stop traffic so we could get a picture of this sign!!! They are posted all over down in Virginia Beach....Go figure a "NO CUSSING" sign at the beach...now that you would never see in California! Hahahahaha I should get a shirt printed with this for Tiff when she drives with Gabe...hahahahhahaha

Memorial Weekend 2009

I thank God for the Men and Women who have bravely given their lives and who today sacrifice to fight for our freedom...it is because of our Armed Forces that we can enjoy beautiful weekends!
We had a great weekend...despite fighting some crazy sickness...God created a wonderful weekend that I so enjoyed :)
Sunday after church we had a last minute Bar B Que...it was lots of fun...and Ms. Desiree brought way tooooo much food ( I didn't have to cook tonight though...YEA) We had hot dogs and chicken and kabobs, and Kristen made a great green salad and a punch, we also had watermelon and baked beans, corn on the cob, ranch pasta salad and potato salad...YUMMY :) We had lots of fun, cooking and hanging out....God has blessed us with some really special friends.
Today we headed out to Virginia beach...it was our 1st time their, we usually just head to the creak up the way not to far. But I have so missed the beach being a "Cali Girl" so we headed out for the beach and it was really cool..lots of little shops on the boardwalk (I told John..I already have named and claimed a husband/wife getaway..so we can walk through them all...lol). The kids really enjoyed it..they are getting so big and brave out there fighting the waves...and I have so turned into one of those moms standing on the shore..."HONEY, THAT FAR ENOUGH...Boys, REALLY...OK...GET YOUR BUTTS BACK IN HERE!!! hahahaha not really...good thing John was there to keep me under control...lol We were really excited because there was a 50% chance of rain today and yet God held it back so we could enjoy a fun family day at the beach. we took my nephew Logan as well and he was so funny..he had ear plugs in so he couldn't even hear a word we were saying...the kids would just finally walk over grab his arm and pull him back to where he should be...fond time...great memories...it is these days I love being a wife and mom most!!! Tomorrow when I have to vacuum out the car and wash all those sandy clothes maybe a different story ;)

"Rock Autism" Avon Fundraiser Boutique

In my endeavours to raise money for our team "Rock Autism" I hosted a Avon Fundraiser Boutique. It was lots of fun! Kristen, Destinee and I made puzzle pieces and printed on them different Autism Statistics and posted them throughout the kitchen and I made Avon baskets that they could purchase and take home that night and 50% would go to Autism Speaks and also all orders placed from he catalog 15% I would donate to Autism Speaks....Kristen made some delicious dessert and punches. We had so much fun and I allowed the ladies to ask any question about Autism they wanted and i tried to answer as best a I knew and through our own personal experiences with Autism. It was lots of fun and I raised $70.00 dollars...YEA!!!!!! I never imagined how competitive I could be :) but man this "walk now for Autism" event has created a monster in me...or as I like to say a warrior, that sounds like it has purpose ;) hahahahaha at any rate I just keep saying it is for a great cause! So we have 4 more months to raise money and I am ready to keep pushing forward! I am going to hold a Silent Auction on my blog in the next week so keep looking forward to it and once i get it up...please bid and send the blog link to anyone you know ;)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Things to think about...

The other day I was driving to Staples -my home away from home (Or would that be Walmart??) anyways...I have pass this church and it has one of those signs in their yard that they change the message all the time on it..and it really made me laugh this time..then I thought...SO TRUE!!
Here is what it said...
"Don't be so opened minded that your brains fall out"
Just had to laugh...

Junior Honor Society Ceremony

Destinee was presented with her membership to the Junior Honor Society at her Jr. High School. It was a very pretty ceremony, with a candle lighting ceremony and dessert fellowship.Sorry I don't have better pictures but my camera wouldn't cooperate (praying for a new one) Anyways..the evening was even more special because Destinee's best friend here in Virginia was also accepted so they got to celebrate together. We are really proud of both of them and look forward to seeing how God will use these girls to do good in their community.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Nathaniel has completed his first season of soccer. At first, I don't think he cared too much for it but by the end of the season...He was a GREAT player...he could run fast and was a great team member! Great Job Salsy!!!! (Now what will we spend our "early" Saturday mornings doing? lol

Gabe at school

Here are some recent pictures of Gabe at school. The email from Ms. Carol says that "he requested to send me pictures of him working." Hahhaha...he is funny! The pictures show him working on the computer, matching colored monsters, and matching eggs and looking at books. He has really come ALONG way this year..he has a great teacher and amazing aides and the boys in his class are older and use alot of communication so Gabe is soaking it all up! He has finally mastered most of his goals and developmentally has grown to 4 year old kindergarten level! YEA GABE!!!! We are very excited for him and to witness him communicate and grow! Please continue to pray with us as we are having some difficulties coming up with an "agree-able" IEP for next year. He really needs OT and they are not being that cooperative..so we have not signed the IEP for next year and will go in on the 16th for a 2nd meeting. Please pray that we would be BOLD in fighting for Gabe and what will help him succeed next year!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Band Competition

Juniors school band competed against the other Junior High Bands and they were the only 6th grade band (the rest 7th & 8th grade) and they did a great job! Gabriel thought Junior stood out the best ;) He kept yelling "Good Job Junior."
His band came in 2nd place..so we are real proud of him!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

What are you praying for today???

That totally looks like me lots of days!!! Hahahhaha
On a more serious note...
Today being National Prayer Day...I thought I would take a moment and share a few things that are on my heart in prayer...
1. John's job - that he would get 40 hours a week and the postal service wouldn't cut his job.
2. God's continual provision for our family
3. Healing for Gabriel and the millions of people who suffer from diseases and disabilities.
4. Our President and World Leader...it's a scare time...(anyone else disappointed that our president who proclaimed to know God and quote scripture throughout his campaign didn't allow the National Day of Prayer to be hosted at the White House...the first time in 8 years)
5. Healing for my mom, grandma and brother Deuce.
6. To run the race and fight the fight and bring Glory and Honor to God in all things!
8. Pastor Tom,Jeanne,Jay,Francis,Adina,Brandon,Jackie,Brain,Annie and Rachel who are in Trinidad on a missions trip!
9. A job in Virginia for Tiff ;)
What are you praying for???

Thursday, May 7th - National Day of Prayer