Sunday, December 26, 2010

Let it SnOw!! Let it SnOw!!

We are up to about a foot of snow now!
Junior putting the finishing touches on our snowman!
WHERE ARE YOUR GLOVES I just spent 20 minutes putting on????
Gabe trucking through the snow
Nathaniel gives a "thumbs up" on the snow!
Spencer enjoying the snow :)
Does this beanie make my nose look big??? lol
Destinee FrEeZiNg out in the SnOw!!!
Our Snowman we made...THNX to the "Hallman Challenge" 20 minutes before dark ;)
I think we did pretty said "Yea for Mexicans"
Junior "Pimping" the SnOwMaN!
Almost done and running out of daylight!
John adding "dazzle" to the SnOwMaN!

Happy Birthday, Jesus! We love you!

Merry Christmas 2010

We were truly blessed by having our 1st WHITE Christmas!
Our "Lil Snow Angel"
John, Gabriel and me
John and I (below before snow and above right after snow started)

Destinee and I
Junior and John's all been an act..I knew they really LOVED each other!!! lol

Junior, Destinee and Zion
Don't worry Mom...we had our Orange Juice before we opened any presents ;)
Some traditions never fade!

The Barrera kids get a Wii for Christmas

I think they were both SuRpRiSeD and ExCiTeD!!
Aunt Tammi and Uncle Dave sent the kids the Michael Jackson Experience Wii game...MAN...we have had so much fun with this game!!!!
We also got the kids Disney Sing it game...I knew Gabe and Destinee would love it but was surprised that all the boys enjoyed it too ;)
Of course a house with 5 boys and only 2 girls....we had to get a game like this!!!
Here are some pictures of Gabe getting down and singing "Ho Down Throw Down" by Miley much fun!

Here are the boys Rockin' out the moves with Michael Jackson!

YES...even Destinee got into the whole Sing It game :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Calvary Colonial Kid's Christmas Play

Here are a couple ;) pictures from our children's ministry Christmas play. It is always so sweet to see your children loving Jesus and spreading the Good News. For more pictures check out our church blog
The youth who helped with our play
Spencer (white shirt) played a camera man with a sarcastic personality...he was great at it!
Junior stepped in and played a unfilled role with only three weeks to go till the play performance..thnx for being flexible and blessing RoCk!
Nathaniel was really cute in the play, he had a solo which he did great and he also debuted his dancing talent in one of the songs!
Destinee is always such a huge help to our children's ministry she steps in and does whatever needs to be done. In the play she played the Sunday School teacher and she also choreographed the dances and hand motions for the songs.
Nathaniel and his Fedora!
These kids ROCK for Jesus!!!
I enjoy leading the children's ministry more then I ever knew possible and especially to see them all grow and take huge steps of faith!

Who is ready for the NEXT play ;)