Sunday, January 31, 2010

When does SnOw become over-rated?

Today we realized that as pretty as snow has it's disadvantages! We got over a foot of snow yesterday and last night. So this morning we had to go out and dig out Tiff's car so she could get to work. We so looked like we were from California with our rake, broom and little shovel! Hahahahaha...we worked for about 40 minutes until our neighbors sitting on the porch decided they had sat there long enough laughing at us. They are really neat young people. (Hahahaha turn 35 and everyone is young now) They dug and pushed and rocked and still no luck! So they called the neighbor at the end of the street and he brought his big truck and hooked it up to her car and drug her right out :) What a way to get to know the neighbors! As they were going home John says "Thanks guys..we really appreciate it...we'll have you all over for some Mexican food." I was thinking more like let me bake you some cookies that I could send over! lol
Today Gabriel did not enjoy the snow so much.. it was so deep and powdery that he couldn't walk in it very well :( We were going to build a snowman but by the time we were done digging out Tiff's car..everyone was sick of the snow! Maybe tomorrow I can talk them into helping me make one!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

SnOw FuN

It began snowing last night and then again this morning and it literally has snowed all morning and day so far!! It is crazy... I have never experienced snow like this...It is so fresh it doesn't even make snowballs ;) Oh but we managed to have fun with it! Gabriel said "It is winter out here" cute! He actually likes the snow. As you can see so does everyone else! Tiff got home and saw us playing and had to join..she was like a little kid in a candy store! I wish I had gotten a picture of her driving in
while we play in the SnOw he has to be out driving and delivering mail...pray for warmth and endurance!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Nalsy Salsy!

Nathaniel turned 9 years old this week. He was so excited, he just loves birthdays! We let him pick the place we ate lunch at since it was his birthday. He choose Pekings, it is a Chinese buffet and it is so good. As you can see he was very pleased!
Here are some pictures from lunch.
John & Gabriel
Junior & Spencer

Destinee & Nathaniel


This past month has been very emotional for our family. John's mom and dad have been in and out of the hospital and his mom passed away on Jan. 16th. It still seems not even possible that she is no longer with us. We PRAISE God for her desire to pray and ask Him for forgiveness before she went to live in a new healthy body in heaven! Our God is AMAZING!
John and I were blessed beyond belief for my family who helped provide portions of our flight tickets to get back to California for the service, for Tiff who bravely not only watched my kids but my two little daycare boys and hold down the fort while we were gone ( I bet she never has kids for SURE for Kristen who filled in the gaps wherever she was needed and to our church body who encouraged and prayed us through it!
Here are some pictures of our trip.
(Pictured above; John, his dad and 2 brothers Phil and Ben)
Brotherly Love...John and his brother's Jason, Phil and Ben

Ben and his wife Angie (pink sweatshirt) daughter Cynthia (black and grey strip shirt) Grandson Brandon and his daughter Monica (black and polka dotted shirt) came down from Texas. It was good to see them as we have not in many years. Praying next trip the boys will be able to come with them :)

My Niece PEARL...isn't she adorable!


God has blessed us with snow two times this winter so far and we are expecting more this weekend. These are pictures from the first week we moved into our new house. Junior, Spencer and Nathaniel enjoying it!
The great thing about the snow we get it is enough to cover the ground and have some fun in but it only last about a day or shoveling... :)

To help you visualize just how big our backyard is...I took this picture from inside my livingroom window... The kids love it!