Saturday, April 30, 2011

Destinee News!!!

Destinee just opened up her very own checking account!!! I know....she is getting too old :(
John and I are so very proud of her though! She is such an amazing young girl!
This is a big year for US...oh I mean HER!!! lol
She will be getting her drivers permit next month and turning 16 in Nov.
Where is the PAUSE button???
Please continue to pray for her. She is in her last 2 months of her freshmen year and has some serious hard classes and she wants to finish with straight A's as she always has.
She also has caught a bad cold yesterday so please pray for speedy healing!
Dest, we are proud of you!
Trusting in you to be wise and a good steward with the
new checking account and all that God provides you with!

Gabe and I

I just love when I am able to catch a cute picture with Gabe and when he is willing to sit and then top it off he is so happy in this picture!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Joyce Meyers Conference

Tiff and I
Tiff, Me & Desiree
Me & Des

Last night and tonight (didn't get pictures from tonight though...6 of us went tonight...bummer missed the picture) went to the Joyce Meyers Conference. It was the first time I had ever seen or heard her. Tiff and Desiree love her, so it was fun to go with them. She spoke on Discipline and Self Control and was a good encourager. The worship team (The Fuse) was amazing!!

John and I...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Project Touch - April 2011

Priya Krishnan, a high school junior is an amazing young girl, along with her sister. They have spent the past 4 years fundraising in order to be able to provide 50 iPod touches to 50 autistic children. Gabriel was nominated and we are humbled to say that he was chosen as one of the 50 kids to receive one of iPod touches! Today we were able to attend an award ceremony were Priya personally handed out them to each of the kids and then had therapists on hand to set up and teach us all the cool things that can be downloaded to help children with the daily struggles associated with Autism.
Here is John and Gabe at the ceremony :)

This is the gift above that Gabriel received from Priya.
This is going to be an awesome tool for Gabriel...Ms. Carol and his speech therapists at school are very excited about this!!
we have downloaded some free apps to help Gabriel...such as...iComm, a program that he can tap to help him express his needs or wants...AutismXpress which will help him to tap on a face picture to explain his feelings...Letters Like which is the alphabets flashcards...Visuo Timer which is a timer to help him transition...there are so many awesome apps that I can't wait to download and get him started on!!

Love my Family...Completely BLESSED!!!

A Great Movie!

Friday night the youth group went to see Soul Surfer and so I tagged along ;) and it was such a great movie...a total family movie. A movie with lots of inspiration and a great reminder that "With God ALL things are possible!"
Junior is so funny!!!!

Sabrina, Destinee and McKenzie
Noah, Shyvon, John, Junior and Spencer
Pastor Keith and CCW's amazing group of junior and high school kids!!!
Love them all!!

Beautiful Day at Waller Mill Park

This past week we have experienced some really pretty weather and so we headed out to
Waller Mill Park and enjoyed the day!

I love this picture above...we walked the mile is Nathaniel leading the pack, followed by Caleb, Gabe and cute!
Spring is so pretty..all the trees getting there leaves and the tulips and flowers are starting to sprout...Amazing the beauty of God's creations!

My men minus 1... (Junior spent the weekend with some friends...actually so did Destinee)
We had a great day!

Nathaniel exploring Nature ;)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Baby Shower

Last weekend I was able to throw a baby shower for a really sweet friend. Jana is almost due with her second baby girl, and so I just thought a Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat baby shower would be so cute to do, emphasis on Thing #2!
It was such a fun theme...I wish i had taken better pictures but hopefully these will give you a glimpse into the fun :)
Above are our "Thing #2" cupcakes...The blue cotton candy on top was so adorable and lots of fun!
These are the favors that we gave to all the women who came out to celebrate...Kristen made the boxes and I made star shaped white chocolate candy to put into the boxes...a HUGE hit!
This picture doesn't really do it justice but the white pompom ball hanging from the ceiling i actually made...I KNOW! I was surprised they turned out so cute!!
"The Girlz"
(Destinee, Me, MOMMA-TO-BE Jana, Kristen and Kim)
Here is Tiff showing off her cheer moves with the pompoms I made to hang from the ceiling! lol
Cute menu!!!! We had lots of fun naming all the dishes so they sounded right from a Dr. Seuss Book!!!

Of course HOW COULD WE NOT serve green eggs and ham :)
Praying over Jana, her delivery, the birth of baby Julia and the blessing over the entire family.
We all had so much fun...what a blessing to celebrate and rejoice with each other!