Wednesday, January 27, 2010


This past month has been very emotional for our family. John's mom and dad have been in and out of the hospital and his mom passed away on Jan. 16th. It still seems not even possible that she is no longer with us. We PRAISE God for her desire to pray and ask Him for forgiveness before she went to live in a new healthy body in heaven! Our God is AMAZING!
John and I were blessed beyond belief for my family who helped provide portions of our flight tickets to get back to California for the service, for Tiff who bravely not only watched my kids but my two little daycare boys and hold down the fort while we were gone ( I bet she never has kids for SURE for Kristen who filled in the gaps wherever she was needed and to our church body who encouraged and prayed us through it!
Here are some pictures of our trip.
(Pictured above; John, his dad and 2 brothers Phil and Ben)
Brotherly Love...John and his brother's Jason, Phil and Ben

Ben and his wife Angie (pink sweatshirt) daughter Cynthia (black and grey strip shirt) Grandson Brandon and his daughter Monica (black and polka dotted shirt) came down from Texas. It was good to see them as we have not in many years. Praying next trip the boys will be able to come with them :)

My Niece PEARL...isn't she adorable!


Tiffany said...

Just like all the Barrera kids she is beautiful

ourjoyfulljourney said...

God is good!..What a work He did for you guys and for the family..and I know He will continue what He began! :)