Sunday, December 26, 2010

Let it SnOw!! Let it SnOw!!

We are up to about a foot of snow now!
Junior putting the finishing touches on our snowman!
WHERE ARE YOUR GLOVES I just spent 20 minutes putting on????
Gabe trucking through the snow
Nathaniel gives a "thumbs up" on the snow!
Spencer enjoying the snow :)
Does this beanie make my nose look big??? lol
Destinee FrEeZiNg out in the SnOw!!!
Our Snowman we made...THNX to the "Hallman Challenge" 20 minutes before dark ;)
I think we did pretty said "Yea for Mexicans"
Junior "Pimping" the SnOwMaN!
Almost done and running out of daylight!
John adding "dazzle" to the SnOwMaN!

1 comment:

ourjoyfulljourney said...

I LOVE the snowman! :)
Looks like you guys had a ton of fun out in the snow...glad John got to enjoy it this year! :)