Saturday, March 26, 2011


I really honestly don't know who gets more fun out of the events God allows us to bless the kids with...Jenice and I or the kids????
This was the very first of many "More then a Movie Nite" at church. It is such an awesome idea! We take secular kids animated movies and we invite the kids to bring their family and invite friends to come and see it. Then we turn it around and use it as a way to point back a Bible truth or a Godly characteristic we are encouraging the kids to understand and have!
We started with 101 Dalmatians! Jenice made us these adorable Dalmatian ears and we taped a millions (seemed like it anyways) black spots all over the hallway, the floors, the chairs to set the stage! We made the cutest snacks ( I can't believe I didn't get a picture of them) they were graham cracker sticks that looked like dog biscuits!
We tied back the courage of the dogs to the courage that Joshua and the Israelites had when it came time to battle Jericho and how the kids through God can have unshakable courage!
So much fun!!!!


ourjoyfulljourney said...

Calvary Colonial Kids and Ms. Heidi and Ms. Jenice ROCK!!!
We had soooo much fun that night...can't wait for the next one!!! =D

Pastor Tom Hallman said...

How great it is to walk in humility and in floppy ears! Maybe I should teach that way too! Great to see all u guys do for the Lord and the CCK! Ptom