Friday, November 4, 2011

Buddy Baseball Season is Over

Last Sunday was Gabriel's last baseball game for the season. He so enjoyed it.
He loved to be up and batting... getting him around all the bases was another story!!
He kept us cracking up every game. (He would stand on the base and yell to us "What Team" and we would repeat it to him and then he would say "WILDCATS!" blame Destinee and her hours of High School Musical Marathons!!!)
He is probably more an entertainer rather then a athlete but we all enjoyed it.
We are very proud and look forward to next season :)
Couch Schultz made the end very special for all the kids and their family.
He gave each player a trophy medal necklace that is really cool. Gabriel was very excited!! Then they served everyone hotdogs and hamburgers, Gabriel was in heaven!

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ourjoyfulljourney said...

So much fun! :) He is quite the entertainer ;) It flows thru his blood! Love him lots..what a blessing it is to see the growth God is doing in him! :)