Friday, March 9, 2012

John and I...Enjoying Life!

These pictures were taken on Valentine's evening as we were blessed to be able to get dressed up and enjoy a fancy dinner with Bobby and Kristen. We had such a great night. I love these pictures because John is being such a CLOWN! It is usually me who is the not so serious one!
All though this is why you won't see pictures of John and I hanging around the house BECAUSE one of us is always goofing off! hahaha
It's just who we are and I am sure that's why God put us together! Who knew at the age of 20 I would meet the man who would belong side of me in so many ways and be by my side through many difficult seasons! Thanking God today that 17 years later we are able to laugh and enjoy each other :)

By the way...if you are wondering why so many pictures inside the car??? Because for ONCE we were right on time and BK were LATE....hahahahha

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ourjoyfulljourney said...

Whatever!!!! HAHAHAHAHA...I blame our babysitter! ;)
I love these pictures of you guys! It is so cool to see you guys having so much fun with each other after 17 years of marriage..the "spark" is still there! =D
We love you guys! You are an awesome part of our family and great examples for us! We are blessed by you both!
By the way..This was SUCH a fun night!!!! :)