Friday, June 15, 2012

Trip to California

 I am so very thankful for the time God allowed me to spend in Cali with my mom and family. Sad that such an ugly disease was the topic of this visit but BLESSED by how great God is and how He continues to provide my mom with daily strength! Praying that the "C" in her will no longer be "cancer" but only "Christ!" I am praying and believing God to bring her healing!
 Was so nice to have lunch with Joanna and my sisters!
 My sisters; Tiff and Tam and I
 Me, Mom and my step-dad Alfie 
(and Gidget sneaking her way into the picture..crazy dog!)
 Me, mom and Tam
 My Uncle Kevin and my cousin Taylor
 It was really nice to see them...this was the first time I have seen them since
 we moved to Virginia 4 years ago!

 Me and Oma

 Ich liebe dich sehr, Oma !!!

 It was fun to get mom out for lunch for her birthday!
Mom, me, my cousin Angie and her son Austin

 Aunt Gloria, Aunt Jeanie and Oma
 What a fun lunch! Happy Birthday Mom!
Tam, Me and Oma

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ourjoyfulljourney said...

Our God is Greater! Glad the trip was good! Amen to the C being Christ! It reminded me of Chris Tomlin's song "Everything"
"Christ in me Christ in me Christ in me the hope of glory! You are everything!...God in my hurting, God in my healing Be my everything!!!"