Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy New Year's!!!

 Mom and I use to always say how awesome it would be to have a tree up all year and decorate it for all the different holidays and seasons! So... When i took down all my Christmas decorations the day after real tree (which i haven't boughten a real one in 15 years) was still so GREEN and FRESH and PRETTY! So I decided that when mom looked down from heaven to check on us, she would SMILE and LAUGH when she saw this NEW YEARS TREE!!! 
It is kinda fun and it makes me smile when i look at it! The kids think it is fun, especially Gabriel who keeps taking all the blowers and horns off and blowing them! 
Seems like we needed something to remind us God is still in Charge and He has walked with us through out every event of 2012 and He has so many hopes and promises for us in 2013. 

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ourjoyfulljourney said...

I love it!!!! And I know she loves it too! :) It makes me smile. So glad God never leaves us! I know He will walk thru 2013 just as He did 2012 with us ya!