Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rock Autism

April is the month of Autism awareness, with April 2nd being the National Day of Autism Awareness. Please take time this month to google autism and learn more about it and the effects it has on these children and their families.

In an effort to support and raise awareness, I have started "Rock Autism" Team, and will take my team to Richmond in the fall to participate in "walk now for Autism". My goal is to recruit 10 team members and to each raise 250 dollars for Autism Speaks. (Thank you to those of you who have already donated and support me for the walk)

You can view my website and learn more and also donate http://walknowforautism.org/richmond/rockautism

This month I will be posting different statistics and websites in an effort to educate the world about Autism, as well as share personal stories of our life with Autism.

If you would like a Autism Ribbon to wear for this month please leave me a comment and we will get you one. (Thanks Kristen for your help)

Most importantly....PRAY PRAY PRAY for the children with Autism and for their families, pray for strength, hope and perseverance!

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