Monday, May 25, 2009

"Rock Autism" Avon Fundraiser Boutique

In my endeavours to raise money for our team "Rock Autism" I hosted a Avon Fundraiser Boutique. It was lots of fun! Kristen, Destinee and I made puzzle pieces and printed on them different Autism Statistics and posted them throughout the kitchen and I made Avon baskets that they could purchase and take home that night and 50% would go to Autism Speaks and also all orders placed from he catalog 15% I would donate to Autism Speaks....Kristen made some delicious dessert and punches. We had so much fun and I allowed the ladies to ask any question about Autism they wanted and i tried to answer as best a I knew and through our own personal experiences with Autism. It was lots of fun and I raised $70.00 dollars...YEA!!!!!! I never imagined how competitive I could be :) but man this "walk now for Autism" event has created a monster in me...or as I like to say a warrior, that sounds like it has purpose ;) hahahahaha at any rate I just keep saying it is for a great cause! So we have 4 more months to raise money and I am ready to keep pushing forward! I am going to hold a Silent Auction on my blog in the next week so keep looking forward to it and once i get it up...please bid and send the blog link to anyone you know ;)

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ourjoyfulljourney said...

It was a whole lot of fun! I am so glad to hear it was all worth it! :) You go momma warrior!!!! LOL