Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gabe at school

Here are some recent pictures of Gabe at school. The email from Ms. Carol says that "he requested to send me pictures of him working." Hahhaha...he is funny! The pictures show him working on the computer, matching colored monsters, and matching eggs and looking at books. He has really come ALONG way this year..he has a great teacher and amazing aides and the boys in his class are older and use alot of communication so Gabe is soaking it all up! He has finally mastered most of his goals and developmentally has grown to 4 year old kindergarten level! YEA GABE!!!! We are very excited for him and to witness him communicate and grow! Please continue to pray with us as we are having some difficulties coming up with an "agree-able" IEP for next year. He really needs OT and they are not being that cooperative..so we have not signed the IEP for next year and will go in on the 16th for a 2nd meeting. Please pray that we would be BOLD in fighting for Gabe and what will help him succeed next year!

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ourjoyfulljourney said...

YEAH for Gabriel! Great job on the devolopment!!!!! That is such awesome PRAISE for what God is doing in Him! We will continue to lift up the school and his iep :)