Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Boys and their FAUX HAWKS...

The other day Gabriel got off the school bus with his beanie on..and so when we pulled it off..this is the way his hair looked. So we said you look just like Junior! Gabriel thought he was so this started a "Faux Hawk" tournament! So we ended up styling all the boys hair in a faux Hawk and laughing and having fun with it! is 102 degrees, rainy and humid here in Virginia ...this is how we keep ourselves entertained!!! lol Oh..and i got some really cute pictures out of the whole all in all it worked! ;)
Caleb...of course whatever Junie, Spennie and Danny do then Caleb has to (that is how he says there names...hahahaha..he has Gabriel down and Destinee is cute)



Natahniel and Gabriel

Gabriel, Junior, Nathaniel and Spencer

Junior and Gabriel

Junior and Gabriel

I just love them all to death!!!!!


ourjoyfulljourney said...

Just one question...where's yours and dest's faux hawks???? LOL!
They all look too cool! ;)

totaljesusgirl said...

I know that would be funny...but Dest had a friend over from school and she may not have thought that was soo

ourjoyfulljourney said...

oh! hahahaha...yeah, probly not LOL...LOVE the new background..too cute!!!