Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jeanne Nominates and Gabriel WINS :)

We are so very excited :) We have been praying for 2 years to have extra money to be able to purchase a therapy swing for Gabriel to use at home (he has one at school and is a life saver!) These swings are very cool because they hang from the ceiling inside your house!!! So they can be used at any time, any weather....ALWAYS AVAILABLE!!!!!

It will benefit Gabriel when he is frustrated, irritated or overly upset or just needs to get away from the chaos! It will also help me when i am trying to cook dinner ;)

Generation Rescue held a drawing to win one of these Suspension Therapy Swings...You had to send in a nomination and then they would choice. So about a month ago Myself, Ms. Carol and her husband (between them sent in 6 nominations), Kristen, Jenice and Ms. Jeanne (these are the ones I know of, so if you nominated him, THANK YOU GREATLY) all sent in emails nominating Gabriel for the swing.

MS. Jeanne sent in a really sweet email which touched my heart and brought happy tears and tears of THANKing God for all He has done in Gabriel's life! Below is the email that she sent in..

I would like to nominate Gabriel Barrera for the swing you are giving away.
I would like to thank you for blessing families with resource that will greatly aid them.

I have know Gabriel since near birth....he faces many challenges with epilepsy, autism, cerebral palsy and brain damage from birth...but none are too great that great things can't be accomplished in his life.

The reason I would like to nominate Gabriel is because I have seen great things in his life and believe great things FOR his life.

From where he once could not walk he now runs...
Where he could not talk he now sings...
Where he could not sit still he now goes to church...
Where there were no friends, now friends abound.

There are great things in store for Gabriel and I appreciate you considering him for your give away.

Jeanne Hallman
Friend of Gabriel

Two days ago this is the email Ms. Jeanne received :)


Congratulations! You won the nomination for little Gabriel for the suspension therapy swing AND one for yourself or whomever you would like to use it!

We are SO happy for you and little Gabriel! Our cousin, Tanner who is 10 years old and a little "Aspy kid" as he calls himself, randomly chose your email as the winner! Our entire family (Alphawaveengineers Awesome Hammocks Suspension Swing Therapy--- we hand weave our swings) is so happy for you!

Please let us know if you would allow Generation Rescue to put your name in the newsletter. They would need your permission please and we will email Emily with your permission.

OR faster yet, You may call us please at
208-863-8384 (Boise, Idaho) to discuss the colors and see if you would give permission for your name and Gabriel's name (first name only) to be in the TUESDAY newsletter, June 29th.

Please excuse this quick turn around as we thought the newsletter was for NEXT Tuesday. Our error---please do accept our apology and if you do not receive this email before the newsletter goes out, then with your permission, the announcement would go into the next edition.

We will ship the swings out as soon as we have a street address as FedEx ground only sends to residences or businesses and not post office boxes.

Many, many blessings for YOU and your wonderful nomination of little Gabriel.
We included your email below as it was so beautiful. Tanner sends his best to little Gabriel!

From our hearts,
Gilbert and Molly

This is the article posted in Generation Rescues email newsletter :)
Congratulations to our suspension swing winner!Alpha Wave Engineers and Generation Rescue would like to congratulate Jeanne Hallman and Gabriel Barrera, the child she nominated, for each winning a suspension swing.Alpha Wave Engineers would like to extend their heart felt thanks to all of you who nominated a child for the suspension therapy swing. Your overwhelming response and your nominations were truly inspiring.Please click here to see how our children on the spectrum and their families benefit from Alpha Wave Engineers last 10 years of weaving, working and researching suspension swing therapy!For more information on the suspension swings visit:

We are extremely HUMBLED and BLESSED to have been picked to receive the swing...Gabriel will now continue to enjoy the swing at school and NOW at home and at church (as Ms. Jeanne will be donating her swing to the "Frontiers" our Special Needs Ministry at our church!!!


Thank you all so much, your love, prayers and support for Gabriel and our family is overwhelming! We love you each dearly!!

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ourjoyfulljourney said...

I am still just AMAZED...How good God is!!! :)
What an awesome blessing for you guys, for gabe and for the Frontiers!