Saturday, August 21, 2010

Washington DC 2010

We were able to take a drive and spend the day in Washington DC yesterday. We had a lot of fun and saw great things. Here is a picture of the White House above (not what I was expecting...thought it would be grander...hmmm) and below is the Washington Monument, which was beautiful. It looks far in this picture cause I took it from the steps of the Capitol Building which wasn't so close but the scene to it was amazing!!! The picture trail below all these pictures shows pics from the Botanical Garden which was beautiful and so fragrant, and pictures from the Smithsonian Museum of Air and Space and the American Museum. We will have to go back and visit in the fall when it isn't so hot....there is still so much to see :)

Here is John and the kids in front of the White House. ( You should see the picture of the squeaker that was inside the gate sitting on the lawn, eating a Ritz was so cute and chubby. All the squirrels and birds were so not afraid of people!)
Here is John and I sitting in front of the Capitol Building
The kids in front of the Capitol Building

Still in front of the Capitol Building (Such Tourist!!!)

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ourjoyfulljourney said...

Those are very pretty pics...the ones in front of the capitol building especially...cant wait to see all the pics and the one of squekers ;) I Sooo can't wait to go and see it all!=) glad you guys had a nice time despite the heat ;)