Saturday, September 18, 2010

Buddy Art Classes

Today Gabriel started "Buddy Art" at the Community Center. It's a really cool program. It is for special need kids up to 18 years old and each kid has a "buddy" who is a volunteer from William & Mary College to help them. He will go the last 2 Saturdays of the month for one hour until Dec.
They made bubble wands out of dollies and sticks...then they would spin around and it would make lots of bubbles. They also had a table set up with bubble solution and food coloring and the kids would use a straw and blow bubbles and then put a paper over it and pat it and pull it up and it would make really cool designs on the paper, Gabe could not get the hang of the blowing the straw but I thought it was really cool.
Here he is painting with a brush...he only wanted to use green...his buddy kept saying we have
He would get so excited each stroke he did and after each one he would shake his hand and say "how's that?" but paint would fly everywhere...his buddy just went right along with it never even got upset ;)
This was the finished project...his buddy asked what he made and Gabe said "Don't you see the snake?" hahahahhahaha
Here he is at the clay table...he loved smashing it in his hands
Next was the collage table where he got to use markers and puffy stickers to make a picture

Here they are again at the clay table..his poor buddy was trying so hard to get him to use the molds and cookie cutters and he just kept rolling it in his hands and pulling it apart..he really enjoyed it though.
See the star I made and the pulled apart clump Gabe made? Together we called it a shooting star ;) lol
Finger Painting Time
Below is his finished project...
All in All it was a pretty good 1st class..he was a bit nervous and kept asking to go back home but I think it was just so noisy cause one of the tables they were hammering and making wood projects (notice we have no pictures from that) but I think as he gets familiar with going he will really enjoy it.

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ourjoyfulljourney said...

Awwwww! Looks SO cool! :) What a blessing it is that those students take time to be their "buddies"!
What a great thing clay is for him, I bet! It allows him to mash and pull apart something while still being creative! I love your guys' shooting star! Glad it was a good first time! And how cool, not to have to stress over the mess (cuz you don't have to clean it! j/k LOL!)