Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had such a nice and relaxing Thanksgiving. SOO MUCH FOOD! Good friends and family and great fellowship.
Gabriel waited all day for his stuffing...the only thing he ate! He was so happy :)
Matt B. and little Ben Ackerman chillin'
Caroline and Selah adorable
What can I say about this??? All I can is what it
Zayden was really good all day!!! haahaaha! Poor thing slept most of the day has he snuck in the fridge before he got here and ate stuff he wasn't suppose Kristen loaded him up on Benedryl.
Dinner Time!
They are funny!
Zion hanging out with Jeremy and Kate Ackerman
Boys getting their game on before dinner
Love them all..they all get along so well.
Destinee and her peeps!

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ourjoyfulljourney said...

SO much fun! Nice and relaxing Thanksgiving..thanks for hosting agian ;)
Can't believe it's come and gone already!