Saturday, November 27, 2010

Destinee's Surprise Party

Friday night we threw a surprise party for Destinee's birthday...I think we really SURPRISED her!
It was a good turn out (20 of her of friends showed up) and we all had lots of fun! The kids split up into two teams and we sent them on a scavenger hunt to different stores out on the main highway...each team had to sing Jingle Bells at a store, take a picture with a gas station clerk, get a ketchup packet from Wendy's, go to Handell's Ice Cream parlor and get a rock from under the bench, then go to McDonald's take a picture on the playground, then go into Farm Fresh grocery store and find a food on a specific isle and the first team back home with pictures from each task won...they had lots of fun :)
They hung out, had cupcakes and presents..WHAT MORE can a GIRL ASK FOR???

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