Saturday, April 9, 2011

Baby Shower

Last weekend I was able to throw a baby shower for a really sweet friend. Jana is almost due with her second baby girl, and so I just thought a Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat baby shower would be so cute to do, emphasis on Thing #2!
It was such a fun theme...I wish i had taken better pictures but hopefully these will give you a glimpse into the fun :)
Above are our "Thing #2" cupcakes...The blue cotton candy on top was so adorable and lots of fun!
These are the favors that we gave to all the women who came out to celebrate...Kristen made the boxes and I made star shaped white chocolate candy to put into the boxes...a HUGE hit!
This picture doesn't really do it justice but the white pompom ball hanging from the ceiling i actually made...I KNOW! I was surprised they turned out so cute!!
"The Girlz"
(Destinee, Me, MOMMA-TO-BE Jana, Kristen and Kim)
Here is Tiff showing off her cheer moves with the pompoms I made to hang from the ceiling! lol
Cute menu!!!! We had lots of fun naming all the dishes so they sounded right from a Dr. Seuss Book!!!

Of course HOW COULD WE NOT serve green eggs and ham :)
Praying over Jana, her delivery, the birth of baby Julia and the blessing over the entire family.
We all had so much fun...what a blessing to celebrate and rejoice with each other!


ourjoyfulljourney said...

SOOOO much fun! Such a cute theme!!
Thanks for letting me be a part!
I think she was super blessed by it too!!! :)

cakejes cupcakes said...

Hey, just looking to see how your cotton candy help up atop your cupckes. I made some yesterday, i made my own cotton candy and they looked beautfiful for like..10 minutes, before th icing beneath caused caused the CC to begin to melt and shrivel. I can across your pic today :) Did you use store bought CC adn did it stay fluffy? ps love you blog. :)please eamil me