Sunday, April 10, 2011

Project Touch - April 2011

Priya Krishnan, a high school junior is an amazing young girl, along with her sister. They have spent the past 4 years fundraising in order to be able to provide 50 iPod touches to 50 autistic children. Gabriel was nominated and we are humbled to say that he was chosen as one of the 50 kids to receive one of iPod touches! Today we were able to attend an award ceremony were Priya personally handed out them to each of the kids and then had therapists on hand to set up and teach us all the cool things that can be downloaded to help children with the daily struggles associated with Autism.
Here is John and Gabe at the ceremony :)

This is the gift above that Gabriel received from Priya.
This is going to be an awesome tool for Gabriel...Ms. Carol and his speech therapists at school are very excited about this!!
we have downloaded some free apps to help Gabriel...such as...iComm, a program that he can tap to help him express his needs or wants...AutismXpress which will help him to tap on a face picture to explain his feelings...Letters Like which is the alphabets flashcards...Visuo Timer which is a timer to help him transition...there are so many awesome apps that I can't wait to download and get him started on!!

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ourjoyfulljourney said...

Just tooo cool! Those girls are amazing, and i hope they realize what a blessing they are to these 50 families! I pray God blesses them greatly!
All those apps are gonna be so cool for him...praying that it is a huge help and blessing for him and you all! :)