Thursday, September 8, 2011

We are off to a Great School Year!

The new school year began on Tuesday and the kids were all really excited!
I wish it could be SUMMER all year long but am really excited that God has answered our prayers for great teachers and bus drivers.
Looking forward to watching them all grow this year.
WOW...2 in High School...2 in Jr. High and Nathaniel in his last year of elementary school!
Lord Jesus, help me redeem the time we have left with them! Thank you for these treasures you have given to us!
Sophomore year!
Keep your eyes focused on Him who created you and the calling He has given you!
I am blessed by the young women in Christ you are becoming! May you always be a bright shining light for Jesus!
Looking handsome and confident for his first day of High School!

Mr. Cool and Go with the Flow!! Love how calm and at peace Spencer is all the time.
Enjoy your last year in Jr. High!!!
Look who is going to Jr. High!!!
Go Get 'Em Gabe!
God has gone before you and prepared the way!

Nathaniel's teacher told him at orientation "This is your year...You are the Big Dog! Enjoy it"
May this be a great year for you year Jr. High!!! :)
Caleb wanted to get dressed and comb his hair for school too...
He seemed to be fine when I told him he had to be 5 to go to school.
He seem to really miss all the kids (his brothers and he refers to
but only for a short he SOON realized he had the whole house and all the toys to himself! lol


ourjoyfulljourney said...

Awwww! make me cry! They all look so big in these pictures!!! I really can't believe how old they are getting so quickly! YOu guys are doing an awesome job with all of them..they are such AWESOME kids!!!
How cute is Gabe?!?! :) It is so cool to see how God is working in him and blessed him with great teachers and bus drivers and GRACE in his class!!!
Can't wait to see all God has planned for each one of them this year..praying for the time not to go tooooo fast for you! And that God gives you GREAT moments with each one of them this year!
(caleb cracks me up!!!!!!!)

Anonymous said...

Where has the time gone!?!? I can't believe how grown up all the Barrera kids are!! We miss you! -Jamie & Gabe(Pastor Rufus)