Sunday, September 11, 2011

I'm a BaSeBaLL pLaYer!!!!

Today Gabriel began Buddy Baseball!! He was a bit nervous at the beginning but seem to enjoy it. I think he was especially excited about his cheering squad! We were so thankful to Aunt Tiffany, Uncle Bobby and family and Ms. Kim and Sabrina who all came out and spurred him on!!
Hey was excited to hit the ball and off to first base...
This is Gabe and his "buddy" Julia
(she is a William & Mary College student volunteer) she was so super sweet!
He was so focused on all of us clapping and cheering him on... he was a bit distracted to get to the next
Here is Gabe playing second base
His buddy is a great helper!

he is sooo cute!
Here is cheering with us from first base!
so excited!!!
he actually has a great arm and can really throw the ball.

We are all really proud of our little Cardinal!
High 5 for baseball!!

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ourjoyfulljourney said...

Awesome job Gabe!!!! :)
So fun to see him grow and take new steps!