Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Junior :)

Today is Juniors 11th Birthday! We already had his and Spencer's party last week so tonight we are having family dinner and cake... I baked him a strawberry cake with strawberry frosting...his favorite!

So I digged through a few of my picture boxes(I really wished i could reach the other boxes, cause i had in my head a certain picture of him that is way cute.) Now I have a pile of pictures from when he was born to now to scan and my scanner is not working for some as soon as i figure that out I will add them :)

Happy Birthday have been faithful in keeping us laughing for 11 years, except for that first 6 months when you were born and all you did was scream and cry! :)

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barnettblend said...

Joey says happy birthday! :) LOVE your background... it is soooo cute.. I am so changing my background now. :)