Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Here's in Celebration of John Joseph Barrera III

Here is Junior only 2 weeks old...He was such a little man...we referred to him as Mr. Man! He was so stinkin cute..his little tennis ball head full of hair!
Here is Junior 3 years old...he's been a real clown from the start! :)
Junior picking out his very own pumpkin...I think he thought he made a great choice!

Junior's 1st day of cute...

There are so many more cute pictures...but i had a hard time getting to the box! One day I will have to go through and dig them out and create a look back in time video!


kristen said...

what great memories!!! He was so very cute, such a joy to be around (always has and still is the center and life of a party!) I loved when he used to bounce around on his butt!!! HAHAHAHA!! You have really grown into such a great kid Jun we love you!

Tammi said...

Oh my goodness!!! What handsome little man you are, and have always been. I miss you Junior with all my heart. I can't wait to see all that the Lord has in store for you in the next 11 years.