Monday, September 29, 2008

New calming activity for Gabriel

Some days Autism doesn't seem to be so bad and other days you are just beat up by it! This past week, Gabriel has started his real aggressive behavior again...we haven't seen it for a long time and so now we are trying to figure out what is setting it off and better yet how to get control of it and minimize it. Gabriel's teacher this year at the Autism center is AMAZING! God sent really! She is always teaching me new things and inspiring me and encouraging me on this journey. So she told me that at school they use shaving cream to calm him down and re-focus him..I had no idea how this would work we gave it a today I poured out the shaving cream all over the table and he loved it...It is a big mess but seems to really calm him down...he attempted to make his name letters and draw things...mostly he just splattered it...but it is all washable right???? Pray for me...I am not that big into the whole mess thing..but Praise God it did help him become less aggressive and calm down enough to be able to clean up and go onto something new....Here is another great thing about this activity...I turned around and there sat Destinee all up to her elbows in shaving cream..didn't even have to ask her to play with him..she enjoyed it as much as he did...she drew houses and would ask him what it was and they just had the best messiest time ever! I think it will be a neat activity Gabe can play with all the boys and Destinee... Thank you Jesus :)

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kristen said...

Who would have ever thought shaving cream!!!! Praise God for the wisdom and involvement of his teacher! He will give you patience and strength to get over the mess.
How neat the many blessings that come from a mess! ;)