Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Gabriel's Bobbing for apples at school

Here is Gabriel so excited about getting an apple out of the water! The women behind him in the orange scarf is his teacher Ms. Carol...she is so much fun! The bobbed for apples and made caramel apples and cut faces on their pumpkins.

Ms. Carol said that Gabriel "LOVED" bobbing for the apples... I am sure he did...he loves water!!! He probably thought "Man and she wants me to stick my head in there...YEA!!! My kinda Teacher!"

He looks here like he may not be too sure of the bobbing for apples thing! hahahha I hope you guys enjoy these pictures as much as I did...thanks to Ms. Carol for sending them to me!!! I can't wait till she sends me the video!!!! Oh...did I ever mention that I absolutely LOVE his teacher????

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