Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Gabe at school

Here is another picture Ms. Carol emailed me tonight! I think this is a great photo because it shows really the progress he is making! To think that in California school system they were having to hold him down with force until he would bit he is sitting all by himself next to another classmate and reading a paper tearing the pages, but intensely looking at it! When we felt God leading us to of the biggest concerns we had was for Gabriel and what would the big change do to him...Then when we got our marching orders to come and it all went so quick..people would say to us that they felt it wasn't good for Gabriel...some even went as far as saying we were selfish and hurting him! But you know we have been here now 7 months...and I will tell you with not an ounce of doubt in my mind...that when God sends you somewhere....he goes ahead of you..maps it out...lights the candles along the way making it very clear the direction you need to go...He knew exactly where Gabriel needed to be and he has blown me away at the doors He has opened for our community( did I ever tell you that at the parks here...they all have these special needs swings? I will have to take pictures of them the next time we go) and even with the doctors and specialist here! I Praise My King because He has a plan for my amazing son...and sometimes it takes a knock on the head to remember that he is just perfect and precious the way he is!! I still will blame vaccines for the world of autism that he is stuck in but...I will never ever doubt that God choice him for this role for a specific purpose! Gabe's strength is infectious and diligent and only comes from His Father above! No doubt in my mind that is how he lives each day with a huge smile on his face and a song that flows through his mouth!

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ourjoyfulljourney said...

it is definitely amazing to see all the progress he has made in these short months we have been here! :) God is so good!