Friday, November 21, 2008

Mom arrives in Virginia for the BIG Surprise!

We managed to keep it a HUGE secret that mom was flying in this be here for Destinee's 13th birthday and also Thanksgiving. I picked her up from the airport Weds. night..snuck her in the back door and locked her upstairs in my bedroom until the kids left for school. Well..she came out and saw Spencer and Nathaniel before they left for school...they had huge tears in their eyes and they kept saying I can't believe she is here...then we put a big purple bow on mom and had her sitting in Destinee's room on her bed and when Dest and Junior came home from school they opened Destinee's door and threw their backpacks down and pounced on her...of course they all hugged and cried! Then Gabriel got off his school bus and mom was waiting int he living room for him..and he walked in stopped in his tracks and just looked at her with a big grin for a few minutes then ran and hugged her and Said "No you're goofy!" (that is their secret game) then he just sat on her lap and next to her for the next 30 minutes just looking up at her with this grin on his face...probably trying to figure out how and why she was in his house! It was really everyone is super excited that she is here and can't wait to take her on the Ferry and to Waller Mill park and the Yankee candle store....She will be here until Dec. 1st and then it will be hard to say good bye again!

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