Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday Nalsy Salsy!

This is Nathaniel leaving for school this morning as an eight year old!!
Today is ALL about Nathaniel Day!!! Salsy turns 8 today and he is so excited this year...well actually every year...he just loves birthdays and celebrations... He is the kid that hates birthday bags...he wants his presents wrapped and bows and all that stuff!!! He elected to take chocolate chip cookies and juice to school to celebrate with his classroom today. Tonight we will have meatball sandwiches and his dessert of choice which I made as he asked for a chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream pie with chocolate syrup drizzled all over it! He got a presents in the mail yesterday from Oma and Aunt Tammi and he can't wait to open them tonight!!! We gave each of them this past birthdays a choice if they wanted dad and I to go out a buy a present and wrap it or take them to the store and allow them to pick out a gift of their choice up to $20.00 so he elected to go to the store...which surprised me!!! He will have the kids from his class and church over next weekend for Ice cream Sundaes.
Happy Birthday Nathaniel!!! We love you very much!!!

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