Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sorry John!

So John will probably kill me but you have to know me by now if I grab my's going on the blog! :) So with the weather being so cold here and John still walking and delivering mail, he has started to wear a beanie to work. So when he gets home and takes it off...he has totally funny hat hair!!! It is all down and like he has bangs! So if you know John you know his hair is always slicked and gelled back! So it makes me laugh..but the other night he walked in and I laughed and thought I know just who you look like!!! Baby William!!! hahahahaha Baby William is the baby that Aunt Tiffany bought Destinee 3 Christmas' ago. This baby was very expensive as it looks and feels like a real baby.....but I just didn't know how real it looked until I figured it William looks just like John with hat hair!!!! hahahahaa Don't you see it...the bangs, the eyebrows, the big checks and pouty lips......TOTALLY!!!!

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