Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Going Colonial????

So I thought "When in Virginia, Do as the Virginians would do!" Being that we live in Colonial Williamsburg, and visiting all the historic places...I have decided that we women have it way too easy in the 2000's !!! HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHA....OK, so I am not even serious at all...although I do thank God for the modern conveniences!!! Anyways...our dryer went out and I have been sending clothes to my personal Cinderella's house to be dried and folded and then returned to me while waiting for the home warranty people to come fix it...but then I started to feel bad at all the time I was saving and all the extra work Cinderellie was doing...NOT!!!! Destinee and John decided one night they had to have these things washed and dried for the next morning and Cinderella's Carriage already turned back into a pumpkin so I had to get created and hang their clothes from a hanger off my candle stick (and John wanted to throw it away) and so it dried rather quickly I thought....Anyways had to share the photos it just made me laugh as I look at them!

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