Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's Snowing!!!

I was sitting on the computer working on some Children's Ministry worksheets and I hear from the living room Gabriel yell out "IT"S SNOWING"....I went out to check, sure it was not, I didn't even think he knew what snow was....(I now know that playing seasons bingo is teaching him, plus he has such an awesome school...they must be telling him all about it!)Sure enough though it was snowing! Tammi will love this posting, because she will say that's not snow...but for the kids....they have been praying for the past few months for they were all excited(Destinee, Junior and Spencer were not home as they went with the church to Toby Mac concert) was falling enough for them to see it and feel it hit them but not enough to land and cover the ground...I posted 2 videos, the best i could get with my camera at the time...don't blink! You will miss it...but if you look closely in the very beginning of the video you can see it fall! This kinda snow works great for a "BEACH GIRL".... :) OH!!!! The funniest part of this whole i should have gotten a picture of it!!!! This was the one Sunday afternoon that John decided he was going to go out and change the oil and filters in the cars!!! Hahahahahaha...can you imagine what the neighbors must be saying...Crazy Californian out doing oil in the snow!!! So funny!!!

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