Saturday, October 9, 2010

Gabriel and Prayer

This picture just brings tears of JOY to my eyes.
Weds. evening after service John and a couple guys were huddled in a time of prayer. Gabriel and myself were entering the sanctuary and he spotted them and he just jumped right in and put his arms around two of the guys waists and he stood there quietly in agreement through out the entire prayer session!
It is truly the working of the Holy Spirit in his life and a testimony of what God can do and how much peace there is in His name. If you know know what I am talking about. His body is on continual over drive and he twitches and shakes at all times due to the Cerebral Palsy..but not when he is in prayer...he can sit completely still and quiet for long periods of time.
The Peace of God is AWESOME!!!!

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ourjoyfulljourney said...

Awwww...Make me cry!!!
It is SO awesome to watch him pray and KNOW that God gives him that ability to sit peacefully while he does it! God is so good...I love how He loves Gabe and works in him so mightily!