Friday, October 29, 2010

Gabriel's Class goes to the Pumpkin Patch

I always look forward to being able to go to the pumpkin patch with Gabe and his classmates. We have gone 3 years now and it is always so cute. I love to watch all the kids search for the biggest pumpkin their dollars can buy...and laugh when Gabe always grabs the first small pumpkin he spots.
Here is Gabe and Ms. Carol, his teacher sent by God! We truly believe else do you explain him being in her class for the 3rd year?? :) I think she loves him almost (hahaha) as much as I do!
After they each pick their pumpkins they have to take them to the counter and pay for them with the dollars Ms. Carol gave them before leaving school. So cute..but man..I am not patient...and it makes me even more thankful for the patience Ms. Carol and Ms. Sharonda has for the kids and teaching them and helping them learn and develop social skills.
Also reminded me and made me think how frustrated God must getting being patient with me waiting for me to do something!
Here is his whole class! They are all so great! Look at Grace...little diva of the class!
Ms. Carol and Sharonda and Jessica are 3 amazing women! Please continue to pray for them..asking God to give them strength, patience, joy and compassion for
the job God has called them to :)

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ourjoyfulljourney said...

Awww! So fun! LOVE Ms. Carol! Brought me to tears to think how good God is to Gabe, to bless him with ms. Carol 3 years in a row..and the love He has for Ms. Carol as He keeps placing her in your lives..Praying for all of them..what awesome women! =)