Monday, October 25, 2010

Please Pray for Gabriel

John and I have been heavy hearted and anxious. So we ask for you to pray for peace on or behalves as well. We know that the anxiety is a Spiritual Attack, and need God to step in and guard our hearts.
Gabriel has been having lots of seizures the past 2 weeks and though thankfully they are on the more mild side, they mess him up so greatly. The seizures bring severe headaches, aggression, confusion, loss of some speech and developments. We have been to CHKD this past week and his neurologists is tweaking the seizure medicines. He increased the one a bit last week and tomorrow we will increase it a little bit more. Please pray that the new dosage will balance him out as he has grown 4 inches since May and we are praying that this is the reason for the seizures, so once the medicine levels are correct he should stop having them. We are asking God to touch him with His healing hands because the second seizure medicine is at it's maxed dosage and can not be adjusted and we only have a little wiggle room to still increase the one we have been increasing this past week. If this does not work, then we will have to try different seizure medicines and that always brings side effects and all that. So we need wisdom!!!
Also please pray we are waiting for a date this next week for his surgery and we need God to fill us with peace and to give the surgeons and Anesthesiologist knowledge and wisdom. There is always such a great risk of him not waking up from the sedation due to the seizures and all the medicines he takes.
We are asking God to go before though and after the surgery!!!
He is such an amazingly strong boy!
He endures so much and he still has a song of Praise
and words of Prayer to lift up to God each day!

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ourjoyfulljourney said...

Praying Always for him! God has done such Mighty things on Gabes behalf...He will continue what He has begun!
Praying for right meds for wisdom and strength and peace for you guys as the surgery draws near.

Deauteronomy 31:8

Love you guys!!!!

(Love that pic too!)