Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

We were blessed with a nice Christmas.
The kids were very happy with all their gifts. John is so funny, for the last month he keeps telling the kids I know what you all want for Christmas.. Destinee: toothbrush and a tape, Junior: tissue, Spencer: clothes hangers, Nathaniel: socks! hahahaha and so we wrapped their iPods (which is what they really in each of the funny gag gifts John had joked around about all month! It was really funny! The kids have such great and funny personalities that they thought it was a fun way to open their gifts!!! Gabriel really enjoyed his baseball set and we had fun taking out and playing!
God is always so GOOD to love us this much, to grant us so much to be thankful for and to blessed with!
Happy Birthday Jesus, Thanks for sharing so many wonderful gifts!!!

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ourjoyfulljourney said...

Thanks for opening your home to us again this year :) Different doesn't have to mean not as good ;) Christmas was different this year, but still nice, relaxing and a great time to be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas adn the Greatest gift we can ever be given!
Thank You God for your Son and for the gift of family! :)

(Love the fun you guys had with giving your kids their gifts this year..You guys Rock! :)